‘Was at the gate called Beautiful

They recognized him as the same man who used to sit begging at the temple gate called Beautiful, and they were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him – Act 3:10.

The story of many an individual (including mine) is similar to that of the man at the temple gate called Beautiful, except for a difference in nature of the challenge – His was physical; mine was spiritual. I attended a church regularly for 2 years before I encountered God; I was inside the church physically but at peripheral spiritually. I kept God at arms length until He intervened through a vessel. Like the people that recognized the formerly disabled man when he joined the fold, you share in my testimony of being in the fold by reading this piece.

It’s strange when someone only sees hope for daily sustenance where others come regularly to seek God. Unfortunately, the routine of the man by the Beautiful gate wasn’t established by choice but due to circumstances beyond his control.

Physical limitations are easy to spot and can be solved as long as there is someone willing to help. Spiritual limitations take a spiritual mind to discern and someone standing right with God to help.

In my opinion, there are more people in church today with undiagnosed spiritual challenges than there are with physical barriers. Notwithstanding, do not despise anyone in church irrespective of why they’re there; assist those restricted to running after the basic needs of life. Reach out to those inside the church who are yet to encounter God. They are potential spearheads for revival like the man at the temple gate called Beautiful, whose deliverance marked the beginning of (power evangelism), a new thing in the early church.

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