The unlikely Heroes

Why should our father’s name disappear from his clan because he has no son? Give us the property among our father’s relatives Num. 27:4 NIV

The Zelophehad’s daughters (descendants of Manasseh) pioneered a change in the constitution of Israel when their father died without a son to claim his inheritance. With strong reasons, the women demanded respect for their father’s name and requested to be given his properties. Subsequently, God approved their request and mandated it as law in Israel such that thereafter, if a man dies without a son, his daughters or close relatives can inherit his possession. (Num 27:7-11).

The above case is one of many occasions in the scriptures where unpleasant experiences were instrumental to people becoming heroes. Being victims gave Zelophehad’s daughters extra motivation to fight against gender discrimination. Prejudice, bereavement, destitution and other forms of trials are never part of our plea during prayers but may prelude an unprecedented era when God is at work. Earnestly, let the Lord use all unpleasant situations around you as your stepping stone into prestigious heights in Jesus name. Amen.

Correct priorities are essential to securing God’s blessings and result beyond expectation. It was obvious from the women’s argument that their primary goal was to preserve their father’s name from extinction while property inheritance was secondary. God rewarded the just cause generously by giving timeless recognition to their father’s name across geographical boundaries and beyond names of relatives who had sons.

The victory of Zelophehad’s daughters over gender discrimination is a proof to all that gender is irrelevant when God want to turn things around in a society. God does not show favouritism but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right (Acts. 10 34-35). May you find courage like Zelophehad’s daughters to ask until He turns things around not only to your favour but for the good of the land. Amen

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