Sitting At His Right Hand

“…Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet” – Psalm 110:1

What do you do ordinarily while sitting down? Eating, learning, refreshing – all in attempt to revitalize physically, emotionally, etc. So, when God says, “SIT” It is not for idleness but for all the above reasons including spiritual vitality. Where God asks us to sit reveals His intention. His right hand is a place of power and authority. This should motivate us to sit but we inherently like to be busy doing something, preferring to work or play until we are emptied of our strength.

How long is this sitting supposed to last, forever? – The word “Until” only gives an indication. The exact duration is in God’s hands. However, be it for one hour or for years, the reward is worth the patience. While you sit, God fights your battles until the enemy lies flat on his face in surrender, pleading for your mercy – That makes you more than a conqueror.
Those who choose not to sit will fight unnecessary and hard battles, use spiritual weapons wrongly and show zeal without knowledge. Enemies that would have pleaded for mercy at one’s footstool will freely steal, kill and destroy.

While God is out there fighting your battles, the instruction is not to stand (this signifies impatience) or sleep (this signifies laziness) but to sit down in God’s resort; to study, pray, seek Him and get acquainted with the precept of your priesthood; these are essential to stand and to run with Him. The world is a battle field. It makes sense to sit and learn at God’s right hand. An assurance of victory before the battle begins is better than sustaining wounds all over the body because of ill-timed ventures.

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