Prepare for His Visitation

“Go around and ask all your neighbors for empty jars. Don’t ask for just a few…”. 2Kings 4:3.

In 2kings 4:1-7, the widow of a reputable prophet faced the risk of creditors taking her sons as slaves. The Lord intervened through Prophet Elijah who gave the instruction stated in the above verse of the scriptures. As the widow and the sons obeyed, all the empty jars they gathered were miraculously filled with the little oil they had left. Thereafter, the prophet told the widow to sell the oil, pay the debts and live on what was left.

I hope the bereaved (whose destinies are at stake) are prepared to take full advantage of God’s visitation. I hope they have a good relationship with their neighbours, are resilient in their pursuit for empty vessels, appreciate spiritual authority and do not take God’s instructions with levity. These godly virtues contributed to the number of empty vessels they gathered and subsequently, the money left after paying their debt.

While the deceased is likened to the Lord Jesus who left intangible but priceless treasures for his heirs to inherit, the bereaved can be compared to the Church that requires sound spiritual understanding to fully exploit her inheritance. God is faithful in fulfilling His promises even to the deceased. Sometimes, He allows individuals to determine how far they can go in life, just as He allowed the widow. I’ve learned to look beyond immediate misfortune, and to prepare for His visitation that will bring a resounding testimony at His appointed time.

The labour of the deceased and the pains of the bereaved evoked compassion from God. Likewise, Jesus’ suffering on the cross and the labour of His people in soul winning shall be rewarded. Every “empty vessel” brought before Him shall be filled.

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