Craving for the supernatural?

“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”  “Come,” he said. Matthew 14:28-29.

Shortly before dawn on the day after Jesus miraculously fed thousands with five loaves and two fish, the disciples saw what seemed like a ghost walking on the water. They were terrified until Jesus confirmed it was Him. Thereafter, Peter requested Jesus to let him come on the water if it was Him. The request was granted. Peter walked on the water and experienced the supernatural like Jesus.

The revelation of Christ is inexhaustible and will continue to increase from time to time. Let us acknowledge this fact, explore opportunities to discover more about Jesus and avoid mistaking Him for something else. Have you witnessed His miraculous work in the daytime? Crave to discern His work in darker hours when it requires more than physical eyes to decipher the spirit that is at work.

An open mind and a simple (prayer) request distinguished Peter from the other disciples who perhaps were satisfied with witnessing the miracle but indifferent to having a personal experience. Jesus assured His disciples of their chances to do greater works; let us therefore look forward to fulfilling the prophecy. God is still in the business of bringing unbelievers to His feet through signs and wonders, a precious gift of the Holy Spirit and a prolific instrument to salvation.

In the above account, Peter demonstrated courage but with proper understanding. He didn’t venture into unnatural courses without establishing alignment with the word of God for him. Believers that crave for the supernatural should exercise caution, seek His consent and avoid yokes too heavy for comfort.

Finally, concerning those seeking approvals to “walk on the water”, let the Lord reveal His perfect will and give courage to overcome every impediment to unprecedented heights.

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