What’s the Lord teaching you?

Now Jesus Himself was about thirty years old when he began His ministry…. Luke 3:23

Other than the age at which Jesus began His ministry, a significant revelation in the above bible verse is the forbearing nature of God. Jesus had all the authority but forbore the shortcomings of men and overcame the urge to minister until His appointed time. In this bible verse lies a lesson in patience and in self-control. Any man that struggles with patience when powerless to change his situation will be easily tempted to act when he has the authority to make a difference.

While on a mission outreach, I shared with an older believer my zeal for the Lord and my frustrations. I complained that I’d gone through new believer’s training in several churches because I’d been changing my residence frequently. She responded by asking, “What is the Lord teaching you?” We laughed because the answer was obvious.

I have learned that patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit that requires some “frustration” to develop. Recently, my son broke a lamp shade and it took determination not to react to the situation immediately. It felt really good the next morning knowing that I’d just taught my son self-control, not through my words but through my actions.

Jesus’s patience lasted decades, it did not hinder His accomplishment but made it pure and praiseworthy before God. Without patience and self-control, you stand the risk to reap the opposite of your desired outcome. What is your frustration today? Is it a situation concerning your family, your career or the Church etc? Do not seek sympathy from men but ask yourself, “What is the Lord teaching me?” Your willingness to learn will bring the best out of you.

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