The Tongue of Abigail

In 1 Samuel Chapter 25, a woman named Abigail pleaded with David to spare her husband, Nabal, who had callously provoked David. At that time, David had been anointed but was yet to be crowned as the king of Israel. With a compelling argument, Abigail was able to dissuade David from a path of revenge. She explained that though Nabal deserved to die, David choosing not to avenge himself would be rewarded with a clear conscience when he became king. David took the wise advice and spared Nabal. Nevertheless, God killed the uncaring man a few days after.

During a crisis, when we are provoked or become angry, we tend to adopt a narrow perspective of issues. Thank God for Abigail, a woman who was not only beautiful outwardly but possessed wisdom and the ability to discern the bigger picture in a matter. With her wisdom, she persuaded David, a man who was about to commence an unprecedented journey with God, from exchanging blows with Nabal, a man whose name literally meant ‘fool’ and whose end was near.

This story stirred me to pray for a tongue like that of Abigail and to desire friends with wisdom like her. Nevertheless, when I considered Nabal who died in his foolishness despite having Abigail as a wife, I concluded that the grace to make the most of what I already possess is more important than running after whatever I lack. Nabal didn’t perish because of a lack of good people around him. He died because he failed to explore the privileges that surrounded him.

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