The Battle of Identity

In Matthew 4, Satan used the phrase “If you are the Son of God” twice whilst tempting Jesus, demanding of Him a proof of His identity as God’s Son. In the first challenge, the Lord showed how foolish the question was when He answered the tempter passively saying, “Man must not live by bread alone.” As Satan persisted with the same question but in another form, Jesus’s tone adopted an authoritarian edge, calling him out for what could be seen as insubordination. “Do not put the Lord your God to the test,” Jesus said, rebuking the tempter (Matthew 4:7).

The battle of our Identity as Children of God is a must-win contest. Insecurity and naivety can cause some of us to struggle, trying to defend who we are in Christ. However, the secret to winning the battle, as evident in Jesus’s response, is to truly understand who we are and that we need not prove our identity to Satan. Like Jesus, our identity is rooted in an unshakeable foundation, based in God.

My thoughts and prayers are with those whose identity in Christ is being tested by trauma caused by hunger, persecution, disappointment, ill-health, and the loss of loved ones e.t.c. What we experience in the flesh is not a measure of God’s love for us. Our love for Him shouldn’t be based on those things either.

I implore those who are tempted, not to use spiritual gifts and positions of influence to soothe worldly gains. Jesus could’ve told the stones to become bread, but he didn’t. He refused to chase a goal inspired by Satan, lest He risks being distracted from pleasing God. Let our visions be borne out of love for God, rather than a compulsion to please humans.

Moreover, it should be known that Satan’s motive for questioning our relationship with the heavenly Father is nothing other than to plant seeds of discord.

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