Not his parents’ wish

Jephthah the Gileadite was a mighty warrior. His father was Gilead; his mother was a prostitute. Judges 11:1

No one born of a woman chooses his parents; yet these individuals who bring us into the world often impact our journey in life. While some are proud of their parents, Jephthah must have been disappointed when he discovered that he was the product of an affair. To make things worse, his brothers threw him out because he was a half-blood, depriving him of an inheritance in their father Gilead. When Jephthah’s fate looked sealed because of a problem that he neither caused nor could control, God intervened. His family who’d victimized him needed help and offered to make him their king if he succeeded to help them out.

Jephthah may have held a grudge against his father. I hope he realized sometime later that the reason he was reproached was the same reason he became king. If he hadn’t been Gilead’s son, he wouldn’t have been approached or allowed to reign over the Gileadites.

In the above bible verse are positive and negative facts about Jephthah. Meanwhile, the grace of God for strength in him attracted favor that was stronger than the sting of his illegitimacy. There is yet a solace for those paying the recompense for crimes they didn’t commit because God is able to orchestrate the breathtaking out of the lamentable.

There will always be unfathomable issues and unanswered questions; parents and loved ones may fail, yet there is hope. In a way, we’re all like Jephthah, having one thing about ourselves that seems imperfect. Fortunately, God has made us whole in Christ from every defilement and deficiency.

And finally, as a parent, I learned that infidelity, divorce, domestic violence and many other imprudent actions in relationships have far more reaching implications than often imagined. Jephthah’s parents most likely didn’t wish him what they left behind.

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