Meeting the High Expectations

When the queen of Sheba heard about the fame of Solomon and his relationship to the Lord, she came to test Solomon with hard questions. 1 Kings 10:1 NIV
I perceive from the above verse of the scriptures that the visit of the queen of Sheba to King Solomon was motivated primarily by curiosity. She set out from her country with tough questions to prove the rumor of Solomon’s fame and his relationship to the Lord. Notwithstanding, the grace of God was abundant for Solomon to answer all her questions. The queen was undoubtedly convinced and had a lot more to tell about Solomon and the Lord by the time she was returning to her country.
The gospel of Christ is incomparably rewarding to humanity than the Wisdom of Solomon. Spreading the Good News through personal testimonies would save the likes of the Queen of Sheba that are authorities in their domains but have voids that can only be filled by God.
Partners with Christ in Kingdom Business are admonished to be sensitive to diverse challenges that would come and without prior notice. As epistle of Christ to the word, let us be vigilant and solely depend on Him for answers lest we send a wrong signal through our utterances, actions or lifestyle.
Irrespective of the motives behind the hard questions from the queen of Sheba, when it met with right answers, it resulted to Solomon gaining more fame and the Lord being glorified. Intents of individuals that come to church will continue to be diverse; Needs, questions and expectations from the world will always vary. Nonetheless, when God finds a man through whom He can provide answers, chronic doubters will be converted to the Lord.
This is my prayer, that you will find solace in Him for all unanswered questions in your heart. Join also to pray that those in the valley of decision that stop by the church (by the reason of His testimonies) would be led aright.

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