Let Judah Go First

The LORD answered, “Judah is to go; I have given the land into their hands.” Judges 1:1-2.

The Lord gave great deliverance unto the Israelites under the leadership of Joshua. It was an era in which God completely satisfied the desires of His people with good things. The death of Joshua therefore left a noticeable vacuum in the midst of the Israelite that necessitated the people inquiring of God whom He had chosen to lead them in the battle against their adversary, the Canaanites.

God’s answer to their request was possibly at variance with their expectations as the Lord did not mention any specific man but assured them of victory if the tribe of Judah went first. I learnt from this text of the scriptures to always seek God’s face whenever a well-familiar formula fails. We also have an assurance that as God guaranteed the Israelites the desired victories through Judah (Praise), likewise, would sincere praise usher in the aspirations of our hearts.

Praise is a very effective weapon in spiritual warfare; there is no reservation about it. David and Jehoshaphat knew this secret and enjoyed the dividends. Praise commands the presence of God because He inhabits the praises of His people. Since Biblical times, praise has been known to yield unprecedented acts of God. Therefore, when your praise goes up, it brings down the awesome glory of God which causes your imperfections to be moved aside in order for God to move and do extraordinary things beyond human imagination.

The time of trouble might seem to be the hardest time to murmur songs of praise, yet it is the time that this spiritual weapon is most effective. The praise you render to God despite your unfavourable situation is a proof of your faith in Him. Brethren! Let “Judah” go first, even in this month of a new beginning. It will doubtlessly usher in His glory.

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