Compassionate Christ

When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick. Mat. 14:14

After Jesus heard about the death of His cousin (John the Baptist), He withdrew by boat privately into a solitary place. There, He saw a large crowd that had followed him on foot and had compassion on them. Jesus could put himself in the position of these people and was touched by their desperation for liberty. Moved with compassion beyond the trauma of bereavement, He showed them kindness to the best of His ability whereby He healed the sick among them.

Compassion helps us understand the condition of others and compels us to alleviate their challenges. This Godly virtue may be demanding but – contrary to popular – it isn’t difficult. In due course, it only cost Jesus what He could afford and that sufficiently met the needs of the people. Oh that every believer would embrace compassion, a solid proof of love and the antidote for disharmony in our homes and churches.

For the sake of the sacrifice at the cross, I admonish leaders not to take advantage of helpless followers but show compassion like Christ by ministering appropriately to obvious spiritual and moral destitution in our communities. Compassion must begin from our homes as we tolerate and forgive one another. It should also extend to caring and interceding on behalf of the unsaved, persecuted, needy, widows and orphans etc. in our society.

Meanwhile, I’ve also learnt from the above verse of the scriptures that there is hope for every faithful follower of Christ who shares in the High Priest that empathizes with our infirmities. His compassion doesn’t fail or diminish. He will reward our persistency with abundant life.

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