An intangible dream

…“Listen,” he said, “I had another dream, and this time the sun and moon and eleven stars were bowing down to me” – Genesis 37:9.

Joseph’s story is one of the most popular in the bible. In a dream, he saw the sun, moon and eleven stars bowing down to him. His family could discern that the objects in the dream represented the 13 members; as a result, his brothers became jealous and his father rebuked him as though he had control over what he dreamt. About thirteen years later, God fulfilled the future revealed to Joseph as a teenager. He became Egypt’s prime minister and lord over presumably more than a million people including his family members.

God’s intent was astronomically greater than Joseph’s dream, and the same could be said for the purpose of the vision in respect to its significance. The vision wasn’t given to glorify his flesh, but to save precious souls, including his own family who were at risk of starvation because of famine.

Joseph’s brothers would have supported him if they knew his dream was for their own salvation. They would have pitied him instead of envying him if they knew the trials he would suffer to save them and many others. These men were obscured by jealousy and were unable to see their own future in Joseph’s dream. They were so preoccupied with Joseph’s blessing that they failed to notice that God had destined them to be stars in the same dream. As we understand today, they later formed the 12 tribes of Israel; a legacy to be celebrated forever.

In conclusion, God’s plan and purpose are often a million times bigger than our dreams. To a large extent, His motives are for the salvation of souls and are not meant to glorify the flesh. A betrayal can be painful, yet sometimes pivotal to accomplishing God-given mandates.  It is so important that we discover and celebrate who we are in Christ. Then we can avoid jealousy, a product of insecurity.

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