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“The Making of Ruth” is based on a single Chapter of the Bible – Ruth Chapter 2. It addresses however the entire life-cycle of a believer. It is an awe-inspiring revelation of God’s love towards us.

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    As a demonstration of God’s redemptive power, Ruth’s love story changed history.  Beginning with her arrival among God’s people and culminating in her eternal destiny, “The Making Of Ruth” explores a single day of Ruth’s life and draws out comparisons to the life cycle of a believer. As an immigrant in a foreign land, Ruth braved unfamiliar territory to embrace the culture of the Kingdom of God and so reaped favor both with God and with His people.
    “The Making Of Ruth” will encourage those who have been disappointed and grown weary in their Christianity.  It will inspire you to renew your trust in God’s promises and believe for His goodness. Every page is rich in personal experiences that illustrate the joy of submission to God’s relentless love.

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